Seasons Passing

All the leaves are filled in with green, and the wildflowers dot the meadows in the sultry steamy southeastern Tennessee countryside in what is now the middle of summer. As people grow their vegetable gardens, watch a couple of ballgames, and turn into stargazers at night, we understand that autumn is whispering it’s return. Beautiful images to carry with us, turn into paintings, photographs, and other images.

Hanging Corn in Country
Old Hanging corn as displayed in the country


Queen Anne's Lace Floral Photograph
Country fine art


Love Queen Anne’s Lace this time of year.



This summer of 2017 has been a different one, with graduations, and the surprising,  difficult to bear, passing of a loved one.

And yet, despite that, through laughter and tears, we have had such peace both inside and out. Enjoying the old and the new. The passing of time and seasons.


As we prepare for autumn, don’t forget to look at the beautiful fall colors which can be very intense in some areas of Appalachia. Fall color cruises can be wonderful to take in the colors of autumn as they come into focus around the areas of our waterways.




Copyright All Images By Kim Rowlett