Art: The Inner Journey

Mixed Media Abstract Expressionist
Abstract Painting


“I had often wondered about why certain symbols, colors and general feelings were coming out in my abstract paintings. Of course, some of them such as the cross, stars, angels, and the rose shapes were in our culture, but I never really understood why they seemed to carry mystery along with them, that I did not even understand myself. However, after studying my ancestry I then understood the turmoil that many of my ancestors had experienced,  and perhaps had caused themselves, in the early days of the church. And then I came across the concept of “epigenetics”…. Some mysteries were solved, but other mysteries were revealed….”

Sometimes information that we find out while researching our family tree, can lead us to explore areas of the world that we wouldn’t have normally.

No matter where we are in the world we can journalize what we’ve seen and the roads we have traveled through whatever art form we may practice, or learn while traveling, allowing ourselves to be influenced by wherever we were.