Photography Gallery

The Photography Gallery


Photographs by Noted Artist, and Photographer Kimberly Rowlett.

My favorite subjects include landscapes, mountainscapes, natural patterns as found spontaneously in nature, animals both wild and domestic.  I also have an interest in doing still life photography and subjects involving people also.


“I have developed a strong interest in photography as a teenager, growing up in SE Tennessee.  It has helped me to study our natural areas and learn the importance of conservation, for the health of the environment that we all share.” -Kim Rowlett






Favorite medias include:

  • Black & White Photographs
  • Colored Photographs
  • Digital photography
  • Hand Coloring on Fine Art Photography



This black and white photograph on the bottom shows the differences between the sizes and textures that occur naturally in our historic and diverse southeastern appalachian forested areas. These differences attract a variety of wildlife, different species of birds, insects and so on.

The top photo is a black and white photograph, with some hand coloring, to add to the feeling of movement in the water as the duck swims.  The hand coloring allows the water to be somewhat of a marsh, adding a touch of reality within nature, and a sense of the surreal.