Food and Art: Together Again – By Kimberly Rowlett

Vegetable & Fruit Still life
Still life watercolor

Making Better Choices

Whether we are at home or away, art is something that can simply be a decor item, or used to create a needed ambiance, whether it be in a kitchen, dining room, or another atmosphere entirely.

Depending on what kind of art you purchase, what you choose for your kitchen can help you think in terms of making wiser food choices.

Vegetables, herbs and fruit help to bring color to our decor. They also provide a visual suggestion to remember to eat healthier, in a world where many of our “food cues” promote less healthy food choices, whether we realize it or not.

Subliminal advertising is prevalent throughout our society, and that tends to entice us to go for the “fast food” instead of other, more healthful, foods.

With planning, perhaps we can retrain ourselves to make better choices.

Image & Text – By Kim Rowlett


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