The Eclipse

As  most people know, we are going to be watching a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse this upcoming August, with it’s route to bring it very close to SE Tennessee, making it an important place for those interested in astronomical events.

Some people will, no doubt, book the motel room that is closest to the event, and others will stay in their campers, at local campgrounds or even on a friend’s property that would be willing to allow them to do so.

One great snack for this event would be a Moon Pie  which is a combination of marshmallow and graham cracker, coated lightly with chocolate, and made in Chattanooga Tennessee. This treat, along with an Orange Crush or other drink will compliment each other wonderfully!



Updated 8/21/2017. The eclipse was fascinating!



This shot was taken before the eclipse began. It is the normal day sky.



This is a sky that is growing somewhat darker as it prepares for the eclipse.



These cresent shaped leaf shadows show the design of a eclipse pattern as it begins.



Sky grows darker as the eclipse begins.



We were not located in the direct path, but I got a “diamond ring” effect. Very interesting and dark for just after 2:00 pm in the afternoon!


getting back to normal

This shows the countryside as it returns to normal lighting.


Being somewhat solitary by nature, I was glad to experience my eclipse without crowds, in a quiet atmosphere.

However, for those that want more of a celebration, they  had that provided for them, be they locals, or some of the many travelers throughout America, and in several TN nearby towns and communities.


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