Welcome to this new blog

I have started this blog to explore new ways of writing more, and to exhibit my art and photography. I will be adding to this blog & hopefully it will evolve into meaningful communication, and help me to explore the literary side of life more.




                        Simple Water abstract media painting on canvas panel by Kim Rowlett.




Sunset with Oil Pastels on Paper
Mixed media, Oil Pastels

I like to underpaint these kinds of  oil pastel drawings with watercolors first. It gives me a general idea what I would like to have as my finished painting. For this, I knew I wanted textures and lots of colors!



This blog is a work in progress and has elements of being an ezine in addition to being a blog. I am going to continue to work more to develop it more in the future. This has been a form of “therapy”, in that in losing a close relative, it has been a terrific thing to focus on.  I look forward to developing it more in the future.


All images, text Copyright 2017 Kimberly Rowlett


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